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My Story

It all started in 2019.

During an online conversation with the cleaning service company owner, I sensed his frustration due to declining website traffic. He asked me if building a blog would help in that situation. 

At that time, I didn’t have much experience with SEO content writing. However, I had been learning about it for a few months and was looking for an opportunity to put my skills into practice. 

Anyway, I started writing for his company’s blog. In three months, the traffic grew by 67%. The impressive results perfectly demonstrated the benefits of a well-researched SEO content strategy. 

The Right Content Strategy Can Help You Dominate SERPs and Increase Revenue

The right SEO content strategy for your business would involve researching your target audience, creating a list of relevant keywords and incorporating them into your content. 

Your content should be informative and authoritative, and you must keep user intent in mind when creating it. To dominate SERPs, it’s essential to optimize your website’s technical structure, meta tags, and images.

I can help you transform your website into a traffic magnet by identifying relevant keywords, writing long-form SEO content and blog posts, building topic clusters and fixing your website’s technical issues.

Ready to take your website traffic to the next level?

What My Clients Say

As part of Lilac’s content writing team, Saad has done a marvellous job. His articles are concise and expertly written. He overdelivers and overcommunicates, making him an exemplary team member.

Elton Mwangi

Saad has provided #lilac with over a year of diligently researched and structured articles for various industries. I highly recommend hiring him for routine production you can rely on and a conscientious framework that you’ll feel confident presenting.

Slava Darozhkin

I just managed to read your article between meetings; it’s perfect for my site.

Really good work!

Ben Holdaway

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